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Programa Vostok IV: Mission accomplished.

Programa Vostok

All good things must come to an end, yesterday —after 6 months— was the last class of Programa Vostok IV.

It was such a great pleasure to be part of this amazing group of people: AlbertoCarlosDannyInma, MaríaMarta and Pau. We shared a lot of time: learning, thinking, talking, discussing and understanding Design.

I just want to say “thank you” to all of you, we started as a group of professionals trying to grow as designers but now, we’re also a group of friends. I hope you find whatever make you happy after this program. We should find time in order to share thoughts, work, experiences and discussions about design one time per month.

Thank you too Javier Cañada, for sharing all your knowledge with us. I really appreciate your effort to verbalize and explain in such a great and easy way all the concepts we learned. Thanks for being my mentor, thanks for changing the way I see Design and also my role as designer.

As some of you may know, I’m not a big fan of academic learning, big classes, official certifications and that kind of stuff. But this time that was really different. Having a small group of people from different areas, sharing interest in Design was a powerful combination.

That leads me to say that size of the class, a balanced group, a common goal and trusting in your mentor are definitively a must if you want to really learn and grow in any kind of subject.


I’m glad to have met you guys, I’m proud of being part of Programa Vostok IV,

Thank you!

Interviewed by Actibva Magazine

Sharing a quick update, I’ve been interviewed in Actibva Magazine. I think you’ll find it interesting —also in spanish— because the topic covers the always controversial topic about official education VS self taught people.

Hope you like it,


Designer, don’t blame the client… because it’s your fault.

As a part of the designer’s guild, I’ve been suffering the same problems than you everyday working with different kind of clients. I want to share with you some thoughts that may help you in your daily job and projects.

I’m tired of hearing you (and my self) blaming the client. Let’s go a bit more further than a simple “fuck off, they want the logo bigger, they can’t teach me how to design”.

I’ll be referring to “you”, but as I told you, I’m part of the guild. Also note that I’m talking about all kind of clients: internal and external ones.

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To read more

“To read more”. That’s one of my 2013’s goals. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading but truth being said, I didn’t manage well my time in last years, and I didn’t reserve enough time for reading.

I’ve been defending “doing” over “thinking” in last years, but I was wrong, I think we should find a balance between both things. It’s really important to do things, to build things, but it’s also important to read, to feed and cultivate our mind.

Combining the experience from making and the knowledge of reading allow us to grow personal and professionally, and that’s a powerful combination and a good way of life. Our personal relationships and daily job will benefit from the very first day.

Giving it the importance that reading should have, pushes me to reserve each day a little portion of the day for reading, and it’s becoming a good way of relaxation and meditation for me.

That said, I hope to share with you some of latest books I found interesting,