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Dribbble Invitation Giveaway, show me the bizzniz! [finished!]

Hi there folks!

This is something I got pending a few days ago, I’ve received a Dribbble invitation so I’m sharing it with you, but in an inspirational way, you just need to follow these steps…

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New life. Goodbye Santiago, hello Madrid!

As I told you on twitter I’m moving from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid in a few days. Why? I’ll be joining Ideup as senior designer very soon.

It wasn’t an easy decision for me, since I was working very hard last 3 years on my own startup Cokidoo and of course in our biggest and ambitious project: Erasmusu. Am I leaving the company? No, but I will be spending less time on it, of course.

Why? Well, I’m not sure how to explain it but since I’m not motivated as when I started it’s time to a change, to move on forward and search for new opportunities, Madrid can give me that.

I will be joining to a big team (+45 employees), it’s the first time I work with that kind of  teams because I spent most of my work time on my own projects with little (3 people) teams.

I was thinking about redesigning yensdesign or make an english version of Ontuts but finally I decided to start a new blog, more based on my new role in Indeup, about ux and design so I will be releasing some freebies, usability patterns and much more over here in the next months…

Wish me luck please!