To read more

“To read more”. That’s one of my 2013’s goals. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading but truth being said, I didn’t manage well my time in last years, and I didn’t reserve enough time for reading.

I’ve been defending “doing” over “thinking” in last years, but I was wrong, I think we should find a balance between both things. It’s really important to do things, to build things, but it’s also important to read, to feed and cultivate our mind.

Combining the experience from making and the knowledge of reading allow us to grow personal and professionally, and that’s a powerful combination and a good way of life. Our personal relationships and daily job will benefit from the very first day.

Giving it the importance that reading should have, pushes me to reserve each day a little portion of the day for reading, and it’s becoming a good way of relaxation and meditation for me.

That said, I hope to share with you some of latest books I found interesting,


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