Dribbble Invitation Giveaway, show me the bizzniz! [finished!]

Hi there folks!

This is something I got pending a few days ago, I’ve received a Dribbble invitation so I’m sharing it with you, but in an inspirational way, you just need to follow these steps…

  1. Post a comment with an URL to your 400×300 pixels image.
  2. Follow me, I will be releasing the winner via twitter!
  3. There is no third step! Just wait until the winner is announced!

I have been wondering in sharing this invitation with some of my friends, but I doubt about their activity / interest you know… So I prefer to share the invitation with you, the community out there :]

That’s all guys, good luck to everyone and spread the word!

[Update] — Finally the invitation goes to Dimi, here you have his screenshot:

Thanks to everyone for participate and see you soon on the next giveaway!


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  1. Juan Pisanu says:

    Hi there! Here’s my screenshot of a UI I’m working in http://cl.ly/D4y4 . I really would like to have a chance to be selected!
    I’m also I will follow you on Twitter as requested (@518studio)
    Thanks in advance Adrian!

  2. Max says:

    Couldn’t decide weather a ui or illustration shop. I decided du upload an illustration I recently did of an Mac Pro: http://cl.ly/2j3Y293Y0G3E230a1x0x
    I already got an prospect account on dribbble: http://dribbble.com/GraphiXhouse
    Thanks for the chance to this giveaway!

  3. Hi!

    Here’s my shot: http://cl.ly/D5AI. It’s a dashboard I’m redesigning at the moment. Is one of my recent projects. You can see my last finished projects on my website.

    I’ve been following you on twitter for about a month (@alvaro_nistal), so that step is completed.

    Thank you and good luck all!

  4. n7even says:


    I’m working on an app for the German fundraising market. It’s an easy way to donate money via text (and your phone bill) to an NGO of your choice. This is the last screen prior the actual donation. Therefore we want to make clear what is happening next.

    The big texts says: “Support UNICEF now via text with 5 euros”
    The button text says: “Generate charity text now”

    Shot: http://d.pr/ZIRC
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/n7even
    Dribbble: http://dribbble.com/n7even

    Best wishes from Munich, Germany

  5. Hello,
    I love Dribbble for inspiration and design curation, especially for UI. I’m currently a UI designer doing mobile games. Because the art team is small, this means I often do UI, UX, concept work, and illustration. While there is a lot of great work already on Dribbble, a lot of it can seem repetitive: “here are my icons on a dark grey background;” “these are the buttons I made; they are green and pink, on charcoal;” etc. Don’t get me wrong, most of this work is incredible. But I do think it would be interesting to have a broader range of work and styles. As a jack-of-all-trades of sorts, I think I can bring another perspective.
    Also, working in the games industry (and in tech more generally) I often feel isolated from the design community. When I first moved to SF, I tried being involved with AIGA, but found it lacking. These more established associations haven’t yet caught up to where design and technology are or where they are going. Being part of Silicon valley, you get caught up in the rush of creating, and I would love to share my creations with people other than the programmer geeks (whom I love) I work with.
    My website is http://melissatitus.prosite.com
    Here are a few example shots:
    Thanks for your time!
    -Melissa Titus

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Got something to say? Feel free, I want to hear from you!